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assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh :( hmm hmm it's been a long time i didn't post entry in my blog it is because imma busy to the school , tuition classes , homeworks , and so on . hmm i'm tired :'( tired with all this school things :'( okay let's forget about it for a while :) oh you know what , tommorow is RAMADHAN! i am soooo excited ! hihi :D
as you seen on my title,th title is about childhood.yes it is.it is something like childhoold memories lah.hihi.fyi,when i was a little kid,my shirts,bags,shoes and so on , there are all in pink.haha me so cute :P ahaks ahaks . i am the only one who close with my abah.oh god , broken english . ok let's continue i am the only one who close with my father so i am a little bit manja lah.eleh gediknya :P that's why lah i had 10 barbies but now , i don't know where's the barbie's is . so sad :(
tadaaa.hihi yes i know that i'm cute *bajetcomelcantikperasannakmampus* i was born on 7th September 1995 in Kelateee~~~ oh fyi,orang kelantan ni comel-comel tau,tengok sajalah neelofa dan tiz zaqyah tu.hemohemohemo :) as you seen on my photo,when i was a baby i am a littlee bit chubby and when i grow up my body become more chubbier.perut pun dah macam perut gajah . ahaks ahaks . perut gajah takpe asalkan perangai elok.hemohemohemo :D

less talk.more images :) here we go

teeheee :) i'm done . bye bye . assalamualaikum :) xoxo

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